The Crosspunk Wanderer – Digital paintings


An independent art project established in 2015. The digital paintings done in the project contain influences from the science fiction subgenres steampunk, cyberpunk, and dystopia as well as visual references to Christian symbolism, occultism, mysticism, Sami mythology, Wild West romanticism, the Middle Ages and other historical eras. The works are portraits of cyborgs, robots, and other kinds of wanderers inside alternative science fantasies where philosophy, science, religion, and entertainment can encounter one another in different ways.

Between the years 2015–2017, The Crosspunk Wanderer art show was featured in several Finnish cities and towns, all the way from Rovaniemi to Helsinki. In addition, some of the works were displayed in various group exhibitions across the country.

The Crosspunk Wanderer also gained international visibility when one of the project’s works was selected as the cover art of the US based journal of speculative fiction and poetry, Mythic Delirium, in 2017.

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